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Harold, a green sea turtle, was found in Fred Howard Park crawling on the beach weighing less than 4 kilos. He had no obvious wounds, was in good body condition and had only one small pap tumor on the underside of his neck. He was given a swim test on the same day he arrived and not only was he floating, but he was bumping into walls, seemingly having trouble with his vision. By the end of summer, Harold was no longer receiving fluids or tube feedings and was foraging mostly on his own. Harold ate well with our guidance, but we still believed he had some issues with his eyesight that would need to be addressed to be considered for release. Dr. Walsh decided Harold was a candidate for visual activity testing conducted by the University of Florida’s neurologist, Dr. Schubert and on November 5, 2013 was transferred for examination. It was determined both eyes perform well, however the brain is not interpreting the information correctly. Harold played "Mavis" in Dolphin Tale 2

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