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Adopt a Wild Dolphin to support the Dolphin Dorsal Fin Identification project.
If you are adopting as a gift, please enter the recipient information in the donation message field.  Symbolic animal adoptions are a one-time donation for a one year adoption.
Please make certain to select a reward level under the "Donation Details" screen.  In order to receive the adoption items a reward level must be selected.
Your adoption helps CMA document the ecology of the bottlenose dolphin population of Clearwater Bay and Clearwater Harbor.
On August 5, 2013 CMA initiated a photo identifications program to study the wild bottlenose dolphin population in Clearwater Bay, Clearwater Harbor, and surrounding waters. As we study the dorsal fin of each individual the data collected provides information on the population’s social behavior, biology, health, communication, and habitat use.

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