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Your donation towards a symbolic adoption helps to provide care for Rufus and our resident animal friends for one year.  The standard donation is one-time donation at time of purchase.  A recurring donation option is available but not required.
If you are adopting as a gift, please enter the recipient information in the donation message field. 
Please make certain to select a reward level under the "Donation Details" screen.  In order to receive the adoption items a reward level must be selected.
Ricky is an African great white pelican who played one of the pelicans for the part of “Rufus” in the movie Dolphin Tale. This was not Ricky’s first experience working in front of a camera, as he was also in the movie Zohan starring Adam Sandler. The second largest in the pelican family, African great whites have a white plumage (feathers) with a pink facial patch and yellow legs
A private collector took Thelma and Louise out of the wild as young pups and later learned that nurse sharks continue to grow regardless of how large or small their tank is. When they had out grown their tank, the collector could no longer care for them and brought them to CMA. Louise can be distinguished from Thelma by very faint white spots down her dorsal (back) side and a notch out of her dorsal fin. We have given these two sharks a forever home here at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where they have plenty of room to move about.
Spot a Tessalata Moray Eel, was orphaned and transferred to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in 2007 when his previous owner was unable to care for him due to the fact that his species can reach lengths up to six feet rapidly. Spot outgrew his enclosure and required a much larger home. Scarlet, a skunk cleaner shrimp was introduced to Spot in November 2012, in our efforts to provide a healthy natural environment for Spot. In the wild Moray Eels have a symbiotic relationship with cleaner shrimp to provide a natural service to each other by providing personal hygiene to the eel and food and protection to the shrimp

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