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Your donation towards a symbolic adoption helps to provide care for Walle and Cooper for one year.  The standard donation is one-time donation at time of purchase.  A recurring donation option is available but not required.
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The North American River Otter is a lively, inquisitive creature.  North American River Otters are fresh water animals found throughout North America in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Otters are inquisitive, playful and intelligent, often appearing to take childlike enjoyment in sliding around on muddy banks or in snow. They are semi-aquatic mammals and live around water edges.
On July 21, 2001, CMA rescued a young male otter found in a private citizen's garage in St. Petersburg, Florida. The young otter was named "Cooper" after longtime CMA supporters Tom and Sarah Cooper. Cooper was severely dehydrated and emaciated at the time of his rescue. An extensive physical revealed more serious injuries. Cooper had sustained abrasions and abscesses along his back, worn footpads and nails and partial paralysis in his rear legs. It was speculated he had been hit by a motor vehicle. Today Cooper is doing well and is able to move around a habitat that has been modified to meet his needs. He seems to enjoy rubbing on his blankets and spending time arranging them, as he would have done in the wild to arrange grass or leaves.
Walle was rescued from the wild as a very young otter. His rescuer raised him on his boat and thought he was doing the right thing by keeping him as a pet. As Walle continued to grow and develop, his caretaker recognized that caring for a juvenile otter was much more intense than a regular household pet and assumed that if Walle were placed back into the wild, he would resume life as a normal otter. Much to his caretaker's dismay, Walle returned to the boat. Prior to coming to CMA, Walle was transported to Homosassa State Park and was put under quarantine to be sure he was not harboring any diseases or parasites. During this period, staff members were sent to the park to familiarize themselves and begin building a relationship with Walle. Walle did not possess any diseases or parasites and on November 19, 2012 he was transported to CMA.  He took to his new environment well and began exploring immediately.

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