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Your donation towards a symbolic sea turtle nesting adoption helps to support CMA's sea turtle nesting program for one year.  The standard donation is one-time donation at time of purchase.  A recurring donation option is available but not required.
If you are adopting as a gift, please enter the recipient information in the donation message field. 
Please make certain to select a reward level under the "Donation Details" screen.  In order to receive the adoption items a reward level must be selected.
Here in Pinellas County, FL, sea turtle nesting season extends from May 1st through Oct. 31st. Primarily, we encounter loggerheads nesting on our beaches but on rare occasions have encountered Kemp’s Ridleys or Green Sea Turtles.
As incubation times range between 50 and 60 days, we begin to look for hatching activity 45 days after our first nest discovery. Hatching activity is identified by tracks emerging from the nest sites. Due to the dense population of Pinellas County, we have significant issues with artificial lighting causing hatchling disorientation events.  CMA monitors the beaches for lighting issues and helps ensure he beaches are as safe as possible for the nesting turtles and their hatchlings.

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