Your donation towards our LIMITED EDITION SHARK WEEK symbolic adoption helps to provide care for Thelma and Louise, our resident nurse sharks, for one year.  This is a one-time donation at time of purchase.  

If you are adopting as a gift, please enter the recipient information in the donation message field. 

Thelma and Louise were taken from the wild as young pups by a private collector that later learned nurse sharks continue to grow regardless of how large or small their habitat is. When Thelma and Louise had outgrown their habitat, the collector could no longer care for them and brought them to Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  Thelma and Louise now reside at CMA as permanent residents and they serve as animal ambassadors for their species.  By symbolically adopting Thelma and Louise you are helping to support the daily care of our resident animals and CMA's mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and release marine life.

For additional details, please contact Randi Baillie at